How do I get through my working mom day? Two things: Coffee and Lip Gloss. 

I've been a magazine editor for over 20 years, so creating content is my thing. For more on my professional background, check out annalisaraya.com.

Five years ago I became a mom to my awesome son, Salvador.

But I'll be honest, juggling the work-life balance as a full-time working mom is hard. Mamahood is hard no matter what. As I searched for resources for working moms like me, the internet turned up short. So I launched Coffee and Lip Gloss with the goal of helping other working moms with the insane work-life balance.

Because I'm always short on "me time," I love watching YouTube videos — while I'm washing dishes, during my lunch break, while I'm taking off my makeup after a long day. So most of my content is through YouTube. I post videos every week about my favorite mom gear (I love doing "mom/work bag of the month" reviews), beauty product reviews, style hacks, and how-tos. When I have more time, I like to write the occasional blog post on working mom life. I'm looking to ramp up my writing on the site in the coming weeks. 

I also love to scroll Instagram, so please check out my feed for outfit of the day (#OOTD), beauty and gear posts. My Facebook Page and Twitter feeds include links to stories from the web that I find useful. And my Pinterest boards are filled with inspiring looks and ideas I've got my eye on. All of these can be visited by clicking on the social media icons (if you're on a computer they're in the upper right corner; if you're on a mobile device they can be found on the bottom right corner of the screen). 

Thank you checking out my site and social media feeds. Please keep in touch, especially if there's a product or hack you'd like me to review or post something on. I'm also up for working with brands and marketers on collaborative content, so please reach out!

xoxo, anna