Video: What's In My Ju-Ju-Be & Coach Bags | April 2017

or April I’ve been enjoying a work-mom bag combo of Ju-Ju-Be’s Be Prepared diaper bag in the Queen of the Jungle leopard print — which is so gigantic that it also could be used as a weekender or gym bag — paired with Coach’s Mini Bennett Satchel in a coordinating saddle color. I really like this mix of big and small. And I love that my Ju-Ju-Be bag allows me to carry all my work stuff and some mom stuff as well as all of my son’s food allergy stuff (medicine, snacks). There’s so much extra room to add even more stuff, but I had to stop because otherwise the bag would be too dang heavy. And I love my mini Coach satchel that I got at a Coach outlet store. Unfortunately I can’t find a legit online resource for buying it now, but I did see some on eBay. I love this cute little bag. It reminds me of the Louis Vuitton Speedy bags, but at a much easier price tag. Anyway, I hope this review/unpacking video gives you some idea for work-mom bag combos you could try out, perhaps from your own current bag stash! 

Video: Drugstore Makeup & Skincare Dupes

The products in my everyday beauty routine are all about effectiveness and expediency. I don't have a lot of time in the morning to get ready for work. So I love pretty much all of the makeup and skincare products I use, many at the recommendation of some of my favorite beauty YouTubers (I'm looking at you, Marni of Ms. Gold Girl and Ashley of Makeup T.I.A.!).